Sunday, February 14, 2010

On Social Media and News Sharing Over the Internet

John Tierney wrote this column over at the Times today, in their Happiness section: "Will You Be E-Mailing This Column? It's Awesome." Seeing as how I make a daily habit out of posting links on Facebook and here, I feel like I'd be remiss if I didn't post my thoughts on this one as well.

First, a few things:
(1) love the mention of "the optics of deer vision."
(2) the sample was solely from the NYT. That skews a bit, but could also be safe bc of the mainstreamness of it.
the Times' tracking system works when tracking the clicks on their
page. What about when people like me use a separate "Share on Facebook"
button I've installed in my browser? I'm not sure if it counts that
too. And what about when I re-share articles already shared, like I just did with this one? I guess if it tracks the # of times an
article's URL is spit out into the web of social networks, then their
stats are fine. But if it only tracks NYT-specific page hits, then eh.

That said, why do I post things with such regularity? What types of articles catch my attention enough that I decide they warrant sharing and blasting out into cyberspace, like a spam message to all my Facebook friends?

Well, the process goes something like this:
What I share is the byproduct of what I read. And I only read what I am surprised/shocked/stunned by, scared by, have something to say about, think might be well-written, is written by someone whose work and thoughts I respect, that I think specific friends might enjoy hearing about, or that I think might elicit a fun debate/discourse.
So this includes anything politic, cultural, health-related, science-related, food-related, tv or entertainment-related and NYC-related.

So far, it's worked fine and lets me figure out my stance on issues and how to structure those thoughts while having engaging and constructive conversations with friends and colleagues.

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