Monday, February 22, 2010

Check marks

Housekeeping. We all need a day or just a few hours every week or so to do it. Especially when we don't want to. Today was one of those days.

I didn't write anything substantial today for my sporadic freelance work, but I did get a bunch of stuff done.

1. Wake up during the actual AM hours. (This is a big thing for me ever since I switched my work/sleep clock on its head.)
2. Make peace with not remembering and documenting every little detail of the night's dream. Also, make peace with sleeping for a long time to enjoy my exciting dream world.
3. Cancel the web hosting for - the health insurance blog some classmates and I started a year ago.
4. Cook.
5. Interview for a part-time job at a start-up travel site start-up.
6. Enjoy and present well at said interview.
7. Buy a cupcake.
8. Go grocery shopping.
0. Schedule temp work for later in the week.
10. Do writing workshop homework.
11. Listen to the full stomach and stop eating.

On the down side, these are the things I didn't do:
1. HungryHeather
2. Cover letters.
3. Demand articles.
4. W-2 organizing.
5. Freelance articles.

The interview went well. It was fun, even.
Much to do.

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