Thursday, March 20, 2008

One Weekend Only! Radio Service Gets “SIRIUS” About Spitzer

By Heather Chin
(previously published at on March 15, 2008)

SIRIUS Satellite Radio has started a channel devoted to news about the scandal-plagued, soon-to-be former NY Governor Eliot Spitzer.

According to and a press release, SIRIUS Satellite Radio has created “Client 9 Radio,” a channel which is to be devoted solely to reporting news on the prostitution ring scandal surrounding resigning New York Governor Eliot Spitzer. However, its inaugural and farewell broadcasts will last only 48 hours – longer even than the scandal to break and for Spitzer to resign – airing “from March 14 at 5:00 p.m. ET to March 17 exclusively on SIRIUS channel 126.”

Named after the code name moniker used to reference Spitzer in court papers, the new radio channel is described by Sirius as a response to the high levels of listener reaction after the story came out last week.

The novelty of the channel may fuel this limited engagement long enough for decent “ratings,” but there is also a line-up of speakers may just make the station worth listening to even if you’re don’t particularly care about the fate of Spitzer himself. Hosting the channel will be recently departed TruTV (formerly CourtTV Radio) anchor, Vinnie Politan, who is taking live call-in questions and offering legal advice and insight into the Spitzer case.

As reported by’s TVNewser blog, other segments will include contributions from conservative political columnist and TV commentator, Rachel Marsden, and media maven Judith Regan. CNN contributor Bill Bennett and Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain will also be getting in on the action.

If you haven’t already heard, New York Governor Eliot Spitzer announced his resignation last Wednesday, less than two days after it was revealed that he had paid over $80,000 over several years to a high class prostitution ring called Emperors Club VIP. The ring was busted by authorities after an IRS inquiry into suspicious activity between Spitzer’s accounts became a full scale criminal investigation into solicitation and financial cover-ups.

The soon-to-be former governor is set to officially transfer gubernatorial powers to current Lieutenant Governor David Paterson, who will become both the first black governor and the first legally blind governor of New York State.

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