Thursday, April 29, 2010

Restaurant Review: Blossom

Of all the fantastic gourmet restaurant options available for vegetarians in New York, Blossom (187 Ninth Ave., between 21st and 22nd Streets) is one of my favorites, thanks to reasonable prices, delicious organic food in hearty portions, and a warm d├ęcor with unpretentious ambience that welcomes business casual and upscale diners alike.

While it’s candlelit interior would be perfect for date night, it is also a lovely place to catch up with friends, which is what I did one recent Thursday evening. Walking through a little slice of Chelsea, from the 23rd St. station exit on Seventh Ave. to Ninth Ave., I quickly found the restaurant in its snug ground-floor spot in a townhouse, but got a little confused at where exactly the door was, it blended so well with the wall. Once inside, though, a friendly waitress quickly seated us by the front window, poured us glasses of water, and took our drink orders.

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