Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ecofest 2008: It's Easy Being Green

By Heather J. Chin

Kermit the Frog said it, now average New York-area residents are, too.

As the green movement gains momentum in cities and small towns across the country, citizens are becoming more aware of both the issues being discussed and the ease with which they can live a greener lifestyle. Especially now that fuel prices have shot through the roof and oil and gas are such hot commodities, people - and governments - are more willing to embrace everything from recycling and reusing water bottles to shutting of light-switches and faucets.

Helping support green education this year was New York City’s 20th annual Ecofest celebration at Lincoln Center. Held on the alternately rainy and sunny last Saturday of the month, the festival was full of clothing and food vendors, school parents, community organizers, dancers, tourists and volunteers, this event serves both as a reinforcement and a new introduction to environmental living.

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