Monday, February 05, 2007

The Opening of Doors

It's a new day and yet another turning point in this, my life: I have the options of re-embarking on an academic, artistic and creative quest via short-term night sessions at NYU's SCPS (school of continuing and professional studies). WIth my current steady income and a constant internal gnawing that is characteristic of many full-time employed, post-graduate early twenty-somethings, I can afford to entertain this option and it is definitely a tantalizing one.

Without getting my expectations up prematurely, I can say that I am looking forward to the possibility of regular mental, intellectual and perhaps even social stimulation. I don't want to jump in blindly, but the relative safety, stability and comfort of working from morning to night and then coming home to food, television and family also presents a clear catalyst for stagnation, restlessness and itchy-butt/couch potato symptoms. The goal has always been to prepare for, apply to and begin graduate studies in journalism and/or an additional related field or concentration. Landing a steady job and paycheck was the first step; re-immersing myself in the vigors of generally creative and academic learning will be the next. (After that, the writing flame will hopefully be rekindled and then the GRE tackled head-on.)

At the very least, this thirst of mine has begun to be quenched. I've acknowledged the presence of options and their feasibility for me and my current financial and scheduling circumstances. The opening of this door will lead to the opening of others, and will open my eyes to seeing those that would otherwise have been overlooked.

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