Saturday, August 19, 2006

A Single Tear

A single tear in my heart.
… tired from stretching, 
Shades of pulsating red, 
Nearly collapsed
But still whole; 
The heart is not something to be used and discarded - 
At will.
The words written upon it 
Cut into membrane and flesh: 
Beware the instrument used to create, 
The mark left, 
A single tear in my heart, 
Felt for a long time to come; 
Cry through the opening, 
Mix with the blood… 
A single tear to remember the pain - 
Before it heals. 
-- (copyright) By Heather Jean Chin

Free-form thought, written in response to a writing prompt and edited for presentation amongst fellow artists and writers, I consider this poem a reflection of the pain, loneliness and perseverance of all of our human hearts and human souls. The tear is both a painful affliction and healing salt-water, representative of the dual nature of so much in our lives (love-hate, life-death, end-beginning...) and how they beget one another.
Change. Continuation. Growth.

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